Minecraft APK v1.20.70.25 Pocket Edition Download [120MB]

Minecraft APK is one of the best adventure games you can ever play. It consists of battles, farm adventures, treasure hunting, puzzles and a lot more for you to discover. The specialty of Minecraft is that it does not have a specific goal. It is the players’ job to choose their own goal. Therefore, it is correct to say that you can do whatever you like in Minecraft. 

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The game has clear, colorful and eye-catching graphics. This attracts the kids instantly. They can change what they play according to their present mood. The players can have fun with their friends with the game. This is because the game allows you to play it by forming communities or groups. You can even choose your opponent and your group members. 

Minecraft covers activities starting from the builder’s stage to battle missions and gun fights. There is a game end where every player will have to reach in order to finally end the game. But to get there, you will have to face uncountable challenges.

Minecraft APK Download

APP NameMinecraft APK
APK Size260MB
Latest versionv1.20.70.25
Last updateFebruary 23, 2024
LicenseFree to use

The game has already spread throughout the world and is very famous among kids. But actually, there is no age limit for this game. You can enjoy this as much as the kids, even being a grown up. Some stages of the game are very tricky. In such levels the adults will have to help the kids get through them. Minecraft will teach your kid that beating someone is not always the mission. It will also improve their creativity and thinking abilities. So eventually, you will find that playing Minecraft makes more positive changes in children and will develop their skills.

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Minecraft APK Features

Friendly User Interface

Minecraft interface is not difficult to understand at all. As soon as you install the game you will automatically learn how to operate it. The instructions are given to the players where you need to make a selection or have to do complex things. The kids definitely can understand everything by themselves. There is no advanced language used in the guidelines or the names or characters. 

Attractive Graphics

The game has super quality graphics. The seasons, backgrounds, the worlds and both beautiful and scary places that you can enter, will all feel very real. You will get a wonderful feeling of being able to play on a wider screen. Even the tiniest details are clear for you to see and act about it. Minecraft has high resolution graphics throughout the game.

Creating and Building

In Minecraft, you can create worlds and build objects. These are useful for your progress in the game. For example, if you feel like farming, you will need some tools to reap the harvest, vehicles to transport the fruits. Items to treat the crops, etc. These objects can be built by you within the game. Also, the farm itself can be created by you. You can locate your barns, fields, animals, shops, etc. as you prefer.


Minecraft has this special feature called Redstone which helps the players to build advanced hi-tech machines and other items. Some examples you can build by Redstone are robots, machines, computers, etc. You can start with small machines like motors and improve up to rockets. You can use simulations to try them out and check their usability. This is a highly skilled feature that no other game can bring you or your kid. It can be considered as one of the most effective methods of gaining intelligence for the youngsters.

Map Building

You have the chance to build a map in Minecraft. You can build a town, a kingdom, a country or even a continent within the game. You can even do this in the multiplayer mode. The customization is available for the maps too. So you can create it just the way you always wanted it to be. You can arrange, rearrange things, change locations, place new rulers and people, give names, etc. After you are done building, you can travel through your own pathways and out of them.

Different worlds

There are many worlds in Minecraft. Once you may be on land. The next stage will be on a boat in the ocean, underground in mines, a cave, a forest, in the mountains, in a desert, etc. The created tools will help you in such situations.

Game Modes

Minecraft APK presents you with 3 game modes. The first is the Survival mode in which you can complete puzzles, find food and shelter, travel and explore, etc. The second is the Creative mode. Here you can create new worlds and build new objects such as tools, weapons, machines, and so on. The third mode is the Hardcore mode, which is quite difficult than the other two. There you will have wars, missions, deep adventures in jungles, caves, haunted places, etc. 

Multiplayer features

Minecraft allows you to play the game with your friends. You can form groups or communities and have fun as a team. You may choose to play on the same side, such as playing a football match or fighting for the same kingdom. Or else, you can divide your leagues and call for war. There will also be levels to win through as a group to you. This is a highly recommended option of having fun during your common free times.

Control Buttons

The control buttons for each mission will be displayed on the screen itself. If you have a touch screen, you can easily control them. But in devices like Xbox, you will have to follow some steps to learn to control them. However, in each case, you can personalize the control options such as to be used by gestures or movements, etc.


You might come across items that you feel unfit. These may be there in the game originally or even built by you. In each case, you can destroy that particular object. This you can choose to do if changing and the customization options will not work. This is very common for the tools and weapons that you build up. They can be destroyed once they are used enough.

Listing Friends

You can form friend lists and group your community. This is available in the multiplayer mode. Once you add a friend, he/she will be able to directly request you to play with them and so will be you. They can see your activity and your levels, the missions that you have passed. You can even share your creations with them. They can comment and rate on you and your game activities. 

Customization abilities

The players have the ability to customize their worlds, creations and belongings according to their own will. If you click on any single object, you will get a list of customization options for it. These include, color, size, style, pattern, name, orientation and much more. You can do this to characters including yourself, other players, and even the farms, battle fields, dungeons, etc. 


Minecraft APK has original versions released for almost all the operating systems. SO it is not only a mobile game. While being compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac PC. The game can equally support Xbox and Linux. This is a rare feature. Most of the new games are incompatible with the players’ devices. But Minecraft comes to the top of them all by allowing the users to access it without any trouble through any of their devices. 

How to Install Minecraft APK

For Windows:

  1. First open your internet browser and search for “Minecraft APK for Windows”. 
  2. Get the setup file downloaded from the official website of the app. 
  3. The app will seek a few permissions from the PC which you will have to allow. You can use the Control Panel to do this.
  4. Now go to the Downloads folder and install the Minecraft setup file.
  5. You have to press the “Next” button in each dialog box that appears to complete this.
  6. When the installation is completed, the Minecraft icon will be visible on your Desktop.
  7. Double click on it to open, create a Player ID and continue to experience the thrilling adventure.

For Android:

  1. Go to your browser and search using the keywords “Minecraft APK for Android”.
  2. Visit the Minecraft website and choose the correct link to download the APK file to your Android device. 
  3. Wait for the download to complete and install the game. 
  4. The game will require permissions for media, storage, microphone and a few more. Please grant the permissions from your Device Settings.
  5. You can find the downloaded setup file from the Downloads folder. Tap on it and install it. 
  6. Now you can enjoy the wonders of the game unlimitedly.

Minecraft APK Game Modes

Minecraft has 3 main playing modes. These are meant to enhance your adventure. The things that you can explore differ from mode to mode. In fact, the activities that you have to do and the missions you have to complete also differ.

01. Survival Mode

This is the most basic mode of the game. You only have simple puzzles and small tasks in this. You will be asked to find your own food in the desert, look for shelter and water, look after a pet, etc. When it is dark, however, there will be a few enemies attacking you. You will have to defeat them to get to the each next level.

02. Creative Mode

If you are in the mood of creating small, detailed items or huge ruling villages, this is the ideal game mode. Here you can find the amazing customization abilities of the game. The Redstone is part of this mode. You are allowed to create hi-tech machines and equipment and check their functioning.

03. Hardcore Mode

This mode is the difficult one. Actually, its difficulty will bring you the fun. The battle rounds, matches, farming games, treasure hunting, desert adventures, jungle adventures, fighting off monsters, and the like will be found in this mode. You can enjoy it with your friends too. 

How to Play Minecraft APK?

To play Minecraft by sharing with another mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the icon with the pen mark placed next to your realm.
  2. Take your mobile and go to “My files”.
  3. Select the Minecraft game folder.
  4. Find a file name and click the com. Mojang folder.
  5. Open its menu and save it in your Files.
  6. Go to your mobile drive and save it there.
  7. Access it on another device and continue playing the same game from another device.

To Play Minecraft with Keyboard Buttons, use the below catalog:

  1. C – To open a codes builder
  2. Esc – To return from to Home
  3. Q – To drop an item
  4. E – To view and close the Creative mode inventory
  5. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 – Slots in the Hotbar
  6. F1 – clearer interface
  7. F5 – change players in a toggle
  8. T – To open chat windows
  9. W – To move forward
  10. A – To strafe left
  11. S – To move backward
  12. Ctrl – To sprint
  13. Spacebar – To jump

Solving Frequent Playing Errors on Minecraft APK

Server Out-of-Date Error

This means that your server no longer matches the version of the game. In such cases you can use Microsoft Launcher to install the most recent client server.

Connection Errors

This can happen due to 2 reasons. One is that the server IP Address could be not working properly or wrongly typed. This is a problem in multiplayer games. In these situations you have to double check the IP address and retype it or wait for a while until it gets automatically fixed.

The second possibility is that the server could be offline. Please recheck its connection so that the error will be fixed immediately.

Java .Net. Socket Exception Connection Reset Error

This occurs if there is a connection problem among the server, player and client. If you can ensure that the internet connection is uninterrupted, this error can be fixed.

Playing Errors

To avoid playing errors, you should follow the game instructions and get used to the playing buttons. This will automatically be fixed with time when you get more familiar with the game.

Ignoring Details

These errors take place when you play in the creative mode mostly. You have to pay attention to the details of the surroundings when creating something. The background usually gives a hint on what you need in the future. Also, you may match colors of the environment to customize your creations.

Safety and Legality of Minecraft APK

Minecraft is a safe game to have on your device. It is compatible with almost all kinds of devices. Therefore the original APK files are available for each of them on its website. You can choose the correct setup and install it. So you will not need to go and search for the APKs in untrusted sites. The users’ data are also safe with the Minecraft developers. 

The game is also legal and is available throughout the globe by now. There are no location restrictions for it anywhere yet. Besides, Minecraft has its own Privacy Policy about the legal regulations that they follow.

Pros and Cons of Minecraft APK


  • The game allows you to play it in different ways doing various activities. 
  • Minecraft is completely free.
  • You can play with friends.
  • The game is compatible with all the devices.
  • Minecraft has high quality graphics which will make your experience real.
  • You can choose your mission or the goal.


  • Minecraft needs you to make a payment if you want to continue playing.
  • Since the game is fairly large, the devices could get stuck.
  • The kids might get addicted soon and waste their time.

Minecraft FAQs

Q: Is Minecraft a safe game?

A: Yes, it is. Minecraft is a very safe and legal game. It also includes parental control over user accounts.

Q: Can Minecraft be installed on PC?

A: Yes, it can be. You can directly go for the APK available for Windows. If this is not possible with your specific device, try installing an Android Emulator and downloading the Android version.

Q: Can I play Minecraft with my friends?

A: Yes, you can. Minecraft has the Multiplayer feature. Whatever you are playing alone can be shared with your friends as well. There will also be special missions for you to play with your friends. The friends in your Friend List will get more advantages in such games.


Minecraft is a limitless game. It can bring fun from the youngest kids to the very adults. You can do a broad range of activities in it. Your kid can also be intelligent with greater thinking skills by the use of Minecraft. It uses rare tricks to uncover the hidden creativity of your kids. 

So Minecraft is a highly recommended game to all the age levels to have great adventures from your own home screen.