Minecraft Apk features | Features You Can’t Miss (Official & Updated)

Minecraft APK is the door to a creative world if you are a game lover. It is an interesting and exciting game to play on your Android device. This is now becoming very popular among most game lovers including children as well as adults and it is free and easy to download too. The gameplay lets you create anything you want or else you can fight with others or overcome challenges and survive. Minecraft Apk is now becoming an addictive gameplay that lets you spend hours and hours filled with fun and excitement. If you also want to try this nice game then here are some of the nice features of Minecraft Apk.  

minecraft features

Features of Minecraft APK

Minecraft has so many nice features that makes your gameplay more refreshing and an interesting one. Below are some of the key features of Minecraft Apk. 

Different gaming modes to select from

Minecraft Apk is suitable for each and every one of you no matter what your preference is. There are mainly three gaming modes to play in Minecraft. These are Creative Mode, Survival Mode, and Explore Game Mode.

The creative mode is the calmer and the simpler mode to play in Minecraft. Here you can let your creative imagination come true by using hundreds of different building blocks included here in the app. That means in this mode, you can create anything you like from minor buildings to larger castles using blocks. You can showcase your creativity to the world if you are going to play this creative mode. When you are playing alone then creative mode is the best mode for you.

The survival mode is somewhat challenging. Here you have to survive the night by gathering the resources you need. Also, you will have to fight against different enemies to survive. Hence, sometimes this can be violent as well. If you are going to play this mode with your friends then this will surely give you more fun and joy.

Easy installation

Downloading and installing Minecraft Apk is very easy and simple. You can find this nice app in the Google Play Store. Or else you can find many online sources to download the Minecraft Apk. By following very few simple steps you can download this nice game on your Android.

Simple and easy interface

A simple and easy interface is also one of the coolest features of the app. The simplicity of the design makes it available for children as well. More importantly, the interface is considered a mobile-friendly interface. That means Minecraft allows you to play the game using your Android mobile in a much easier and simpler way.

Play offline

If you are going to play Minecraft APK in single-player mode then you can play this game offline. This lets you play the game anytime you want without relying on your internet connection. 

Subscribe for more

You can try Minecraft free in a 30-day free trial. But after that you have to subscribe to the app if you want to play it further. however if you are going to download the Minecraft Apk then there are many online sources that offer this app free.

Play with your friends

This is a nice platform that allows you to have more fun with your friends. You can play with about 10 friends in Minecraft multiplayer mode. This is easier and simpler as the game supports well for cross-platforms.

Here you can play on a private server that is created for you with your friends. Or else you can connect to large servers with a larger playing community to select your gaming partners. This lets you play with other players all around the world.

Play against each other to survive or play together to explore more with your friends in this multiplayer mode.

Chat while playing

You can chat with your friends even while playing the game. This lets you share your thoughts on the gameplay with others very easily and also lets you learn more from others.

Minecraft mods support

There are some external files that you can download to make your gameplay a more creative and engaging one. These are called Minecraft mods. If you want to add some personal touch to the gameplay then you can try these Minecraft mods. By using these you can change the game theme, weapons, characters, graphics, gameplay speed, and so on. There are hundreds of different Minecraft mods available online that make your Minecraft Apk gameplay a much more interesting one. As well as most of these mods are free to download.

Child friendly

If you have a child with age 8 or above then you can let your child play this game in their leisure time. The game is now becoming quite popular among most kids around the world.  The creative mode is the most suitable mode to play with your kids. This helps your kid to enhance his creativity, strategic thinking ability, decision making skills, etc.

Parenting control

Though the gameplay is suitable for children sometimes this can be violent when playing with friends in multiplayer mode. Here the child has to do some fighting in order to survive. Hence, Minecraft Apk has a parenting control feature to avoid any unsuitability. Here it allows you to control the gameplay of your child using Xbox Live or a Microsoft Account.

Cross-platform support

Minecraft Apk comes with cross-platform support. This is really helpful when playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode. No matter which device you are using, because of this feature, you can play the game with your friends.

Safer and legal to use

Minecraft is a safer and legal app to download on your Android as it is also offered by Google Play Store. But you have to be careful if you are going to download the Minecraft Apk. Always Make sure to use a trusted and legal online source when you are downloading the Apk files.

Bedrock and Java versions

There are mainly two versions of the app. Bedrock and Java. The most popular version is the Bedrock version. For your Android mobile, the most suitable one is the Bedrock Version. If you have a Linux version you can go for the Java Version.

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