How to Create a Volcano in Minecraft

MineCraft is a game loved by players across the world and is now has hit the highest downloads over the years. There are many ways to enjoy MineCraft and unlimited things to add to your experience in it. Out of the hundreds of new things that you can get, we provide you some knowledge about creating a volcano in Minecraft in this article.

minecraft volcano

If you want to build a Tiki Island, carry out a science experiment. Build an evil lair or want to play around with some lava, you can create a volcano. Actually, there are several ways that you can do this. But you should choose a method because it depends on the time you can spend on it.

How to Create a Volcano in Minecraft?

Method 1:

You can find a mountain and convert it to a volcano, or you can create a brand new volcano. To build a new volcano, you will need cobblestones and lava. Optionally, you can add Red Stone Torches, Sticky Pistons and Fireworks. For the beginners, it is recommended to create a new volcano rather than converting an existing mountain into one.

Now you need to set up a pyramid using the cobble stones or rock blocks you have. You can form either a square or circle as the first shape of it on the ground. Now reduce the perimeter, maintaining the same shape and raise the pyramid up and up towards the center. Continue doing this until you are able to cover the top with only 1 block and make sure that the center or the core of what you built is hollow.

You may adjust the irregular shapes by adding and taking away the rock pieces as necessary and bring it to an appropriate shape. If you are a beginner, you can continue with the original pyramid shape, which is easier.

Now remove the top of your volcano and build a platform with 3 or 4 layers under the top of it. You should check this part to be free of any holes because this is where the lava is going to be.

Next fill this top hole with the lava you have. In order for the lava to flow out of the mountain, you will have to leave outlets at the top and sides as you wish.

By using items like arrows, dispensers and ignition, you can make the sparks of the volcano shoot to the sky. So bring these items to the platform and place them there together with the redstone torches.

Now the volcano is almost done, but you can modify it more. If you use TNT and gravel, you can create an explosion in the volcano before its eruption takes place. Get to your crater and make an obsidian layer down the platform and then keep an ignition block or a redstone switch by the corner. Place this switch near the TNT which you will fill that platform with. Now fill the bottom layer or 2 layers with lava again. This will ignite and explode and bring you fun.

Method 2:

You can also build a mini volcano on the chosen ground. To do this, you should first find a proper place for this. Land or water can be chosen but make sure it is safe and quite at a distance from the villages.

Now make a volcano from whatever the material you like. Choose the material from your inventory or crafting table and shape it as a mini volcano.

To make this mini volcano erupt, you should fill its core with lava. As you learnt before, to fill lava in, you should have the top opened and the core hollow. So get to the top of your mini volcano and pour lava inside.

Now to cool down the poured lava, take some water and pour on top of it. You will find a layer of cobblestone forming there. This will cover the lava until the volcano erupts. You can use an empty bucket from the inventory and fetch water to do this from a river nearby or your own well. Either way, the water will serve the purpose.

minecraft apk pour water on top

Repeat this water pouring for a few more several times. You will see that your volcano is growing bigger. Now since you made this mini volcano to get its fun experience, you should be creative to decorate it and make it satisfactory. Therefore, you can add different other items like grass blocks, snow, ice and other similar natural things to decorate it. This will make your volcano more attractive and will excite your friends as well.

You may also decide when this mini volcano should erupt as well. So before creating a major new volcano, trying this mini volcano will be better for the beginners.

Tips about creating your own volcano in MineCraft

  • Choosing a place to create a volcano is your job. You may definitely not want it close to your home or among villages. Therefore, you may select bare ground, flat ground, fields, mountainous areas, etc. However, a volcano can be created equally in land as well as water. Actually, if you want it in the sky, this is also possible. You just need to lay the cobble stones or your building material in shape and in position to make it real. Also remember that once you create a volcano, you cannot move it until it completes eruption.
  • Therefore choosing a correct location is an important task.
  • The creative mode is the most recommended mode to try out creating and erupting a volcano. Here there will be no disturbances from you enemies and you can peacefully enjoy the experience.
  • If you do not want lava to flow out of the volcano, you may use water in its place. So you will get water flowing out of your volcano instead of lava when it erupts.
  • It is not wise to place blocks across the lava flowing path. This will not stop lava from flowing down anyway, if that is what you wanted. Instead, the lava will spread among those blocks and spread wider.
  • When a large size mini volcano is hollow, you can use it as a cave house which will be a real new experience.

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