How to Play Minecraft in Creative Mode

Minecraft is one of the most popular adventure games that belongs to the sandbox family. It is a game in which you can choose what you need to do and will determine your own goals. The players of all ages are fond of Minecraft because of its exclusive features and the fun it brings in all sorts of game modes.

minecraft apk creative mode

Minecraft is consistent with 4 game modes. Namely, they are Creative, Survival, Adventure and Hardcore. Creative Game mode is the first stage that you get to go through. This article will give you the key things to keep in mind while you remain in it.

Play in Creative Mode

The Creative game mode in Minecraft apk can be played either as a single player or with other friends.

  • If you want to play it with other friends, you can choose the “Multiplayer” option you find right after you launch it. This is the Main Menu of the game and when you select Multiplayer, you should give the server name by clicking on the “Add Server” button. When you have entered it correctly, press “Done”.
    Now right-click on the Compass. This will open you another menu from which you should select the Creative option. You should now type commands in the chat box and start creating. First give the command as “/plot auto”. This is the command that can take you to the plot. There you just have to start building whatever you feel like.
  • However, if you are happy to play the game alone, you can use the Single-Player option. To do this, you should start by creating a creative mode world. The most recommended type of world at this stage is a super flat one. When you open the inventory here, you will find all the blocks and items there. If you want experience points, you can get it from Bottle O Enchanting.
    You may select any type of block that pleases you and start building fences, barns, farms, etc.

minecraft apk creative mode settings

Tips to keep in Mind when Playing in the Creative Mode

  1. The tools you find in the creative mode have a long durability which does not expire at all in most of the cases.
  2. You may choose the material you want. The range of materials include wood, diamond, silver, gold, brick, clay, cement, emerald, sand, hay and many more. You can change the material and their shapes and build trial structures, edit them, reshape them or delete them as you wish.
  3. There is a “Peaceful Mode” which will provide only a limited number of tools blocks for you. This is also helpful in a way because you need not to get lost among the innumerous blocks and items. So what is advisable is to play in the Peaceful Mode first, then disable it and try the other available blocks for the same.
  4. In order to successfully complete building a huge house quickly, you can use the plugin named World Edit. But this will only work properly if you own a fast PC. The trick is easy and effortless. This will amaze you and you can even try other complicated jobs in this plugin.
  5. While you are still in Creative Mode, you can stack your loot within chests and hide them in your house. This will protect the valuables while you continue playing in the Survival Mode.
  6. The Creative Mode is comparatively a safe mode to live in. You will neither be defeated nor be dead unless you fall into a hole or void. So make sure you avoid the voids while building and exploring the world that you build by yourself.
  7. A decorative thing to use if a colorful view pleases you, is to use stained glass on top of beacons. With these in place you can observe all around as beautiful scenery.

Warnings to keep you alert in Creative Mode

  1. The players can fly when playing in the Creative Mode. You will be missing this while you are in other Modes, of course. With this ability, the risk of dying by falling into voids is very low. However, you should be careful when you perform intense tasks like building things.
  2. If by any chance you happen to delete the Bedrock, this means that you are already in a void. This is again death. So make sure you know what keys you are pressing while playing and how you play it.
  3. There could be actions performed by griefers on your plot. They could make changes to your plot and will destroy the items that you built with effort. Perhaps your server allows you only one plot. In this case you will have to rebuild everything from the beginning once again. Therefore, you should be careful when giving access to other users to your plot.

MineCraft Creative Mode FAQs

Q: How to switch to MineCraft Creative Mode?

A: When you open the game and get to the Main Menu, you will find the Play option. There you will see a selection called “Game Mode” and “Survival” in front of it. You should click on the box and select “Creative” from the drop down menu. Then you are all set to go.

Q: How to get a piston to aid me in creating?

A: Go to your Inventory and select Redstone. When you do, there are 2 options of pistons named Sticky and Normal. You can choose what you want and continue to use it.

Q: How can I get help if I get stuck in the game?

A: The Help Community is always available in all the modes including the Creative mode. So tap on the “Help” button for clear instructions.

Final Words

MineCraft being a beautiful game for kids as well as adults needs to be learnt in stages. The Creative Mode is where you explore its capability and beauty. By going through this mode successfully, you improve your ability to build things and get an idea about how things work in MineCraft as well as in real life. So make sure you read the article and gain the most of it. Though the game does not have boundaries, you may learn as much as possible in it.

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