How to Find the End Portal in Minecraft

The Minecraft adventure game may feel endless because it has uncountable things to do in it. But, as any other game, Minecraft has an end too. When you have played advanced levels in Minecraft, you will approach the end zone. At the end of the game there is an Ender Dragon and many cities filled with treasure in the sky. In order to get to this stage, you need to find an End Portal to enter it using Eyes of Ender. But it is a long and very difficult quest. So remember that you should be powerfully equipped to face this stage.

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Things to remember when seeking the End Portal

  • The Bedrock Edition players should know that you cannot find portals in every stronghold. But as there are plenty of strongholds, you may find another with a portal by travelling.
  • The Creative Mode players should know that you can create a portal by standing right at the middle, in case you do not have one. Just make sure you fix the blocks facing the right direction.
  • You can form the Eyes of Ender by collecting blaze rods and ender pearls. These eyes can then be used to activate portals and locate strongholds.
  • Make a Creative world by copying your world seed. You can record the coordinates of the strongholds and enter them back in your game.
  • You should kill the Ender Dragon. Then you should pass the obsidian gate way that will lead you to the game back again.

How to get to the End Portal?

Step 1: Making Eyes of Ender

  1. You should first go to the Minecraft Underworld, Nether, to find the ingredients you need. So find a Nether Portal and enter the place. In order to prepare a Nether Portal, you will need to place obsidian blocks as a 4×5 rectangle and leave the middle open.
  2. You can activate the portal by using flint and steel. Make sure you are equipped with strong, diamond weapons and quality food to survive the Nether.
  3. There you will find Blazes. These are yellow floating monsters and killing them will give you blaze rods. You must have about 5-7 blaze rods to activate an End Portal.
  4. Then you must have ender pearls twice the number of blaze rods. They can be collected by killing Endermen. They are black and tentacle mobs and will attack once you look at them.
  5. Finally, you should have eyes of ender to find the End Portals. The minimum number you need is 11 eyes of ender. These can be crafted with blaze rods and ender pearls you collected in the Nether.

Step 2: Finding an End Portal

  1. Now you should use the eyes of ender to find the end portals around you. Tap and hold on them and press on “Use”. This will make them rise to the air and scan horizontally for nearby strongholds.
  2. After scanning, the eye will fall. You should be careful not to break them. But after maximum 5 times usage they will break anyway. You may find and pick it to reuse it until the breakage occurs.
  3. When an eye is used, walk in its direction. Usually the End Portals are very far away from each other and are located inside strongholds only.
  4. If you find an eye travelling downwards, this means that an underground stronghold is close by. Similarly, if you notice that the eye floats aback, this means that you have passed a stronghold on your way. To observe these, you have to throw the eyes quite around.
  5. To find the End Portal, you will have to dig the stronghold and search for it. Those portals are not always visible. You will probably have to look carefully for the End Portal among the number of rooms you find in a stronghold. Take your time and search for this item and make sure you do not miss it.
  6. You will understand that it is near when you find a silverfish staircase followed by a bridge over a pool of lava. Fight the silverfish and get to the top of the platform with green squares where you will find the End Portal.
  7. Activate the portal by placing an eye of ender on each green square. There will be 2 filled for you out of the 12 in total.
    When the portal is activated, it will turn starry black. Jump into the portal and get ready to fight the Dragon.

Step 3: The Dragon and the End

  1. You will see the dragon once you enter the End Portal. Use all your weapons including the sword, armour, bow and arrow and fight the dragon to its death. You should be ready as soon as you arrive in this world. The fight is not easy, but very difficult. It will take out all your strength to beat it.
  2. When you win the battle, you can enter what the creature was guarding. It is the obsidian gateway that can lead you back home. So jump into the guarded portal to return back.
  3. In case you failed to fight the dragon and got killed in the process, you will be automatically returned to the home. The only difference here is that you will be using your assets by this. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is to be ready before you enter the End Portal, fight off the dragon with courage and win the battle. This will even show your Minecraft credits as you have completed the game.

Final Words

Now you have a pretty good idea about finding the End Portal and finishing the Minecraft game successfully. Though the adventure in the game is limitless, the most difficult stage of the game is this final mission. The good thing is that you can still continue to play the game while gaining more points when you re-enter the game and continue your adventure.

So the basic advice is to have all the equipment and the necessities ready to fight the Dragon and win the battle. This will not let you get defeated and disappointed. With the provided tips, you can definitely achieve the goal and win the game.

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