Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Minecraft APK Performance

Minecraft has become one of the most popular mobile games which offer you endless sandbox adventure. Its players enjoy the thrilling experience and bring many of their other friends onboard to share the wonder with them. Undoubtedly, each of them would surely like to enhance their game features though they face some challenges with the devices they have. It is true that the performance of the game depends on the device capacity and its resources directly.

minecraft optimization

Certain optimization tricks will help you to get the best adventure experience that the Minecraft community intends to provide. This article will walk you through the steps to follow and some tricks to try to come to that competitive level. Once you get to know the secrets, playing Minecraft will be more interesting and fun and most of all, you can enjoy all of it with your existing device.

Understanding Performance Issues

There are some common problems identified by the community based on the comments and Frequently Asked Questions about the game. You should know by now that there is an official forum available in the game to leave your thoughts as well. 

According to the records, lagging, FPS rate dropping, shuttering and delay in loading. Each of these are results of different causes. If you identify the cause of your problem properly, arresting it will be an easy task. Generally, these disturbances are results of insufficiency of your device capacity, resource utilization settings you have set and corrupted game files. There are ways to check these possibilities from your device itself.

Optimizing Graphics Settings

You might come across graphic quality problems such as low Frames per Seconds (FPS) rate. This is generally troublesome when you play because you cannot take quick actions sometimes. But, there are ways to easily fix this. The main requirement is to have a device with high graphic quality. 

But since it cannot be expected from all the users, you can try adjusting the device graphic settings. The FPS rate can be changed if you go to the graphic quality in Settings. Try this and check your game.

If this seems to be not very effective, you can open your game settings and change the resolution of it. Try reducing the resolution as that is the measure that affects the FPS rate directly. If the resolution is low, the device FPS selection can support it to run smoothly.

Apart from this optimizing trick, there are other methods of having good graphics. Let us look at some of them:

  • Reduce render distance: Lowering the render distance can significantly improve performance, especially on low-end devices.
  • Adjust graphics quality: Lowering visual quality settings like textures, shadows, and particles.
  • Disable unnecessary effects: Disable the options like bloom, anti-aliasing, or anisotropic filtering if available.
  • Experiment with different settings: You can also experiment with various settings combinations to find the optimal balance between performance and visual pleasure.

Managing Resources and Storage

Your device should have enough space to contain the game and to save its temporary files to function properly. To manage this, you should go to your device memory and clear the unused applications and files. You can also try clearing the cache and junk files of the applications. Mostly, deleting the unwanted media files will help you in this. You should ensure that even with Minecraft you have more than 10% free space. 

So make sure that you manage your device resources properly and try to comply with the requirements of Minecraft. Then, there will be no further interruptions on the game performance due to the device capacity. 

Offer specific tips

  • Close background apps: If you still experience lagging and getting stuck, try playing after closing unnecessary background applications. This will free up system resources like RAM and CPU which in turn supports the game quality.
  • Clear temporary files: Clearing temporary files such as cache and junk prevents performance bottlenecks. There is always cache stored on your RAM from Minecraft as well as other applications. When this space is cleared, RAM will have the capacity that is necessary to run Minecraft smoothly. 
  • Manage resource-intensive worlds: Minecraft worlds are generally very much resource-consuming. These items are the largest items and are complex to cooperate with. To avoid this demand but still the game, you can go for smaller world options. These are available and will be easily loaded on your device also. Playing on those lightweight worlds will solve most of your problems.

Additional Optimizations

  • Update Minecraft and device software: You should be alert to keep both Minecraft and your device’s operating system up-to-date. This will ensure that you benefit from performance improvements and bug fixes. The new versions of Minecraft assume that your device, which is compatible as it specifies, are updated with the latest OS version. Failure to have this with you will lead to problems.
  • Reduce in-game chunks loaded: The number of chunks loaded in the world can also impact the game performance. As a solution for this, you can try out options like reducing view distance or using optimization mods. But when getting Mods, you should be very careful to download only from trusted sources. 
  • Optimize device settings: Adjusting the device settings like battery saver or performance mode (if available) can improve performance for gaming. Try each and see, for you will find the time you can spend on the game also increases with this trick.


So it is clear that the performance of a Minecraft game on your mobile can depend on a number of factors such as device capacity, graphic quality, available device space and your updates. By following the tricks that were discussed in this article, you can overcome the potential disturbances of the game. 

If you do not solve your problem by trying only one solution, do not be discouraged. Sometimes, the problem might be due to a combination of those causes. So try fixing the problems one by one patiently and you will be through not before long. The recommendation in this article may also vary based on the specific device hardware and software configurations. So wisely choose your trick and win the challenge. 

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