How to Find Your Way to Your House when Lost in Minecraft

In the adventure journey of Minecraft worlds, there are plenty of ways that you could lose your way. On many occasions you will find yourself lost in areas that you are not familiar with and finding your way back home will seem to be difficult. So unless you are prepared to build another house and settle in the wilderness that you are stuck in, you will naturally need to find your way back. This article will give you some tricks to follow when such a tragedy happens. By using these methods, you shall be able to get back to your own home safely.

Find Your Way to Your House

Methods to find your way to your House when lost in Minecraft

Method 1: Using General Tricks

  1. Try killing yourself. You can find means to die wherever you are now. The methods include jumping off a cliff, getting caught by an enemy, etc. After you do this, you shall automatically find yourself back at home. But make sure that you have enabled the
  2. Survival Mode before you do this. Another thing that you should know is that this takes you to the last bed you slept in. So if by any chance you slept in another bed other than your own house bed last, you will not be taken to your house.
  3. Say if you have many things with you that are valuable. Killing yourself will surely result in losing all those goods you have collected so far. Therefore, build a chest and hide what you have in it before you die. Later, when you can find the way back, you can recollect them all.
  4. Try looking around for the known landmarks. You may have passed mountains, jungles, waterbodies, other structures like villages or buildings on your way to where you are now. If you can track those locations back, you will eventually find your way back home.
  5. You may have a compass to help you find the way. You can prepare this with the help of a lodestone so that it will direct you to that lodestone from wherever you are.
    If you are playing a Multiplayer game, it is easy to find the location if your friend is near your house. This is by tracking that character’s position and teleporting you to that place. Teleporting may need the coordinates of your house. Surely you can get them from your friend who is around the place.

Method 2: Using Minutor on Desktop

  1. Minutor can help you track the house using coordinates provided that the location is saved in the world. But you need the PC to launch it.
  2. Go to the official site of Minutor. And download the application to your PC. You will have to make a selection that matches your operating system at this stage.
  3. Now open the Minecraft launcher by double clicking on the green Sapp icon.
  4. Select the “Launch Options” button >Advanced Settings > OK > Latest Release.
  5. Next open the Minecraft installation folder and the “Game Directory” option towards your right hand side. There you should be able to find the list of saved worlds on Minecraft.
  6. You should now be able to find the Saves folder at the top. Once you do, double click and open the same.
  7. Go to your File Explorer and copy the folder address path to the Saves folder.
  8. Next, open the newly installed Minutor app. This might usually crash at its first attempt. But do not worry. Reopen it after closing it. This will run the Minutor app properly.
  9. You should go to “File” and open the drop-down menu at the top left corner of the app window. Then select “Open” which will open the “Open World” window.
  10. Now enter the path you copied earlier to this window address bar.
  11. Once you see the correct folder name click it open. You may open the Saves folder first and select the world file.
  12. Next, click on the “select Folder” option which will open the Minecraft map on the Minutor window.
  13. Navigate from above to look for your house. You should have a good picture of your house from above to do this. The map can be moved around by dragging from your cursor. This might take some time since the layout could be small and not very clear.
  14. You are also not very familiar with the top view of your house. Anyway, since this is the same world that is opened, your house is definitely present there. So take your time and find the exact location of it.
  15. When you find the house, you can click on it. The window will show you the coordinates of the house at the bottom-left corner.
  16. Take these coordinates back to your Minecraft game and press F3 to enter them and get back to your house.

Method 3: Avoiding Getting Lost

  1. You should not sleep in any place or bed you find. Also keep in mind to get a bed once you create a house. Doing these things will help you spawn back to the house by dying if you get lost.
  2. When you have your own house, get inside of it and press F3. This will display the exact coordinates of it. Remember these coordinates or note it down somewhere. Then, even if you lose your way, you can simply give the coordinates and move back into the house.
  3. When you plan on moving out or wander around, leave torches behind at certain distances. These will help you track your way back down to the house. The torches can also chase away the mobs and will help you if you are lost at night time too.
  4. Create a beacon of light on your house. Then these marks will be seen a long distance from the house. So when you look around from where you are, you will be able to spot the house location.
  5. Keep track of the Sun’s direction. Then you will realize the North which can help you find the way to an extent.
  6. Leave a trail of torches if you are exploring underground mining.
  7. You can also build paths and roads to help you follow them and not lose the way.

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